A compact tight aircraft that delivers performance without sacrificing distance.  With perfect engineering this design brings incredible maneuverability to the table.  This is an airplane designed to truly give the pilot the flexibility to fly aggressively and let off the controls when desired and see great results.

Step 1

Fold the paper in half from left to right then unfold back to the original position.

Step 2

Fold the two corners down and in so that they meet flush in the center fold of the airplane.

Step 3

Fold the nose down as shown by the arrow so that we create a fold along the bottom edge of the triangle we created from Step 2.

Step 4

First flip the airplane over so that you are working on the back side of the airplane then fold the top two corners down and in so that they meet flush in the center.  

Step 5

This is an image of the back side of the airplane after we made the fold in Step 4.  After you make the fold flip the airplane over again so that you are looking at the front side again as shown in Step 6.

Step 6

Now that we flipped the airplane back over to the front view of the airplane we are ready for our next fold. When you look at the front view you should notice a diamond shape. Fold the top corner of that diamond down in the middle so that it meets the bottom tip.

Step 7

This is what it should look like after completing Step 6. Now flip the airplane back over once again so you are looking at the back side of the airplane and then continue to Step 8.

Step 8

Start by putting one finger under the flap that we have created in the previous step. Pull that part out and fold upward as the arrow indicates. At the same time push the center corners in the middle up so they meet the top left and right corners as indicated by the arrows. Refer to Step 9 for a closer look.

Step 9

This is a closer look of the transition of the difficult fold. Keep folding until you achieve the look in Step 10.

Step 10

This is the desired outcome of the difficult fold from Step 8 and 9.  Now fold the airplane in half as shown in the image.

Step 11

Fold the wing over at the point where the airplane makes a tip at the nose. Make that fold run parallel down the airplane to form the fuselage. Repeat this step on the opposite side to form the other wing.

Step 12

Form the winglets by folding the wing tips up about half and inch in from the wing tip.  Repeat this step on the opposite side to form the other winglet.