Lazy Ace

An airplane that any amateur can hop into the saddle and fly like and ace.  This cruiser is forgiving, easy to master, and fun to fly.  However, an Ace in place of this flight deck is an awe inspiring event that will make your eyes water. 

Step 1

Fold the paper in half from left to right then unfold back to the original position.

Step 2

Fold the two corners down and in so that they meet flush in the center fold of the airplane.

Step 3

Fold the nose down as shown by the arrow so that we create a fold along the bottom edge of the triangle we created from Step 2.

Step 4

These two folds are a bit tricky.  You will notice at the top of the airplane the fold line does not originate from the center but rather about a 1/2 inch off center on both sides.  Fold the top two corners down and in so that the tips of each corner meet and touch along the vertical center fold line as shown in Step 5.

Step 5

Notice the small triangle formed towards the center of the airplane. Fold that triangle up as shown in the image.

Step 6

Fold the airplane in half again so that the two sides fold back along the center vertical line.

Step 7

The accuracy of this next fold is extremely important to flight characteristics. Fold the left edge over so that it touches the top point of the small triangle on the right side. This left edge will later become our leading edge of the wing. The fold line that we make should originate at the top point on the left side as shown in the image and extend down to the tail of the airplane as shown. Repeat this step for the opposite wing.

Step 8

This is the image after folding both wings into place.  Make notes of the leading edge along that top point of the triangle on the right side that we discussed in Step 7.  Also note the small piece of the tail sticking out along the wing tip.  Try to mimic these folds as shown for best flight characteristics.  Once completed you are ready to fly.