An unpredictable airplane that will give the pilot a ride they wont forget. This wild ride can be tamed by the most advanced aviators if desired with practice and determination.

Step 1

We only need half of the sheet of paper to complete this airplane. You can fold the paper in half and tear along the middle of the sheet or use scissors to make a nice clean cut down the middle. Either way we only need one half.

Step 2

Measure in about a half inch and make a fold down from the top edge of the airplane. We will repeat this step 3 more times in the next 3 steps as shown.

Step 3

The next fold will be along the bottom edge that we created from the previous fold in Step 2.

Step 4

Once again make another fold just like the one in Step 3.

Step 5

Once again repeat the previous step to make the 4th and last fold down from the top.

Step 6

Once you have completed the 4 folds you will have to create a slight rounded edge to the airplane along our folds. The best way we found to achieve this is to rub your thump along the inside of the leading edge to create a bend in the paper. Repeat this until you get something close to the image in Step 7.

Step 7

Once you rub the inside of the leading edge enough and keep bending the paper you should end up with something like this image. Now all we have to do is put the two edges together to complete the airplane. To do this insert the one end into the other so that one fold is overlapping the other and insert as much as needed to achieve the desired diameter of the airplane.

Step 8

Place a piece of tape on the airplane somewhere along the line where the two edges meet as shown by the dotted lines in the image.