Tri Glider

A medium speed cruiser that glides with ease. It handles with great precision that really gives the pilot the predictability for an accurate landing.

Step 1

Fold the paper in half from left to right then unfold back to the original position.

Step 2

Fold the two corners down and in so that they meet flush in the center fold of the airplane.

Step 3

Fold the tip down to the bottom of the sheet of paper and center it on the first fold we made in Step 1.

Step 4

Fold the corners down and to the center fold of the airplane so that they meet flush in the center.

Step 5

Fold the small triangle back up over the two corners that we just folded to the center in Step 4.

Step 6

Fold the two sides back so the wing tips meet tip to tip on the back side.

Step 7

Fold the wing down and over so that the leading edge of the wing meets flush with the bottom of the fuselage. Repeat this step for the opposite wing.